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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors from all nations, excluding India, must obtain a visa in advance. The visa processing fee is a one-time US$40, payable alongside the SDF during the application process. Processing takes up to five days, granting a 90-day stay in Bhutan.

Yes, extensions are possible if applied before the original visa or permit expires. The process can be done online, with fees payable through the same portal.

Yes, all visitors must have valid travel insurance for the duration of their visit. For visitors from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, it is required to be in place when making the visa application.

Independent travel is now an option, but accredited tour operators are recommended for their expertise. Visitors can book all aspects of their journey independently.

Visitors from these countries can apply online or at the point of entry, but arranging the permit/visa beforehand is recommended to ensure the earliest possible delays.

Concluding, embarking on your Bhutan adventure is more than a mere visit- it’s a commitment to being a conscientious traveler and cherish companion to this enchanting Kingdom of Bhutan with Bhutan Journeys…Your Foot Print To Happiness

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